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I have battled endometriosis for years.  After being told I was infertile, I had two surgeries within 12 months of each other for the endometriosis.  Since I have begun to take Serracor, I have been symptom free.  Being pain free around the time of my period is new to me, and I have Serracor to thank.

(updated 3/20/10)

I teach middle school students.  My mood and comfort level are extremely important in how well I can teach, as well as how my students respond to me.  When I started out this year with hot flashes (up to six in a day), as well as mood fluctuations that were off the charts, I was more than concerned.  Added to these, I had terrible night sweats and insomnia for about a week out of every month.  In short, I was a wreck.


Multiple trips to my gynecologist only made me worse and worse as she tried out different hormonal therapies.  I finally decided to stop all hormone therapy, but felt I was pretty well doomed until a friend handed me a bottle of Prevailin.  I nearly set it aside, thinking there was no way it could help if the experts couldn't figure out a way to change things for the better, but tried it anyway.  I was shocked when I realized that in less than one bottle I no longer had any hot flashes.  Shortly after, my husband and daughter commented on how my mood had improved (I loved hearing that).  It has been two months since I started on the Prevailin.  I am now sleeping through the night comfortably, which has made a huge difference in my life.  The most surprising change is that my finger nails, which had terribly deep ridges for years, are suddenly strong and ridge-free.


I definitely recommend Prevailin to any woman who is suffering with hormone issues.  I'd love to see it make the difference in others' that it did in my life.

Kim J.


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Read the testimonies and felt they were true.

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Your quick response will be highly appreciated.
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